Cappies Review: Sweet Memories of Childhood

Cappies Review: Sweet Memories of Childhood

Thomas A. Edison High School presents ‘Alice's Looking Glass Adventures.’


Thomas Edison's “Alice's Looking Glass Adventures” was a captivating show that left you in your very own wonderland.

Through you go, through the looking glass and into a dazzling wonderland! The entrancing performance of Thomas A. Edison High School's “Alice's Looking Glass Adventures” brought back sweet memories of childhood within the first few minutes. Through beautiful storytelling and hilarious voices, this performance perfectly encapsulated the chaos and dreamlike atmosphere that is so wonderfully displayed in the classic story. The original stage play written by Alice Gerstenberg was a dramatization of the books “Alice in Wonderland” and “Alice Through the Looking Glass” by Lewis Carroll. It first opened in the Fine Arts Theatre and the Booth Theatre in 1915. The Thomas Edison Theatre Director, Jeffrey Walker, then adapted this play into a four-part audio only radio play. In the section of the show the audience watched, Chapter 3, Alice has arrived in the March Hare's garden, and is sent into a mess of confusion as she interacts with the guests, including the Dormouse, the Mad Hatter and more. She explores Wonderland with a game of croquet, the tea party, and the introduction of many kooky characters that could only be found in the crazy world that she has been thrown into.

Alice, played by Charlotte Chozick, perfectly displayed Alice's naivety and youthfulness, while keeping the sophisticated tones of the beloved character. Her gentle voice was distinctive from the rest of the characters and was delightful to listen to as she wandered around a world that one can only dream of. The tea party scene, with Landen Chanthaphanij as the Dormouse, Luke Pietrykowski as the March Hare and Lars Irvin as the Mad Hatter, had a fantastic energy that remained entertaining and chaotic throughout the entire scene. Lars Irvin did an outstanding job as the insane Mad Hatter, using a witty voice with lines that made absolutely no sense. His vocal variety and excited tone gave the show a spark of energy. Landen Chanthaphanij and Luke Pietrykowski acted alongside him and added humor and impeccable chemistry to the scene, contrasting each other with the sleepiness of the Dormouse and the bossy, sharp tone of the March Hare as the host. Finally, Dylan Tootle added a creepy yet enticing addition to the insanity, playing the mysterious Cheshire Cat. He had the audience hooked on his every word, with a hypnotizing voice that provided a flawless visual of the Cheshire Cat himself speaking.

This performance was truly brought to life by the Sound Consultant, Aiden Yancy. With sound effects like the crying infant, the hilarious pig noises, and the soft snoring of the Dormouse, the performance became even more irresistible. The addition of music and sound effects truly transformed the radio play into an immersive experience and brought the world of wonder to life.

“Alice's Looking Glass Adventures” was a crazy, confusing, endearing, and wonderful rollercoaster that left imagination to whirl and create a beautiful visual in the audience's mind. The seamless timing of lines and pacing did not allow for any dull moments, and the sound effects and music gave an authentic feeling to the performance that would not have been the same without it. Thomas Edison's “Alice's Looking Glass Adventures” was a captivating show that left you in your very own wonderland.