Ivan Raiklin Speaks to Local Republican Women

Ivan Raiklin Speaks to Local Republican Women

The Commonwealth Republican Women’s Club (CRWC) hosted Ivan Raiklin as its guest speaker in February. Raiklin’s background includes serving as a Green Beret, running for U.S. Senate, and being on Twitter on matters including Constitutional law with over 170,000 Twitter followers.

Raiklin discussed a wide range of topics including the 2020 election, Big Tech’s monetization of its users, cancel culture, alternative social media, bias in the news media, and upcoming Supreme Court cases. He brought the big issues home when he urged local Republicans to take the leap and run for local office such as city council and school board if their views and values are not represented. He also urged CRWC members to become trained Election Officers who will challenge any problems they see in the voting and vote counting processes.

CRWC President Linda App was pleased by the response when Raiklin asked for a show of hands for those on the Zoom meeting who are considering a run for local office. “I hope everyone who raised their hands will seriously consider a run in 2021, whether in a partisan race or the non-partisan School Board race,” App said. “I could tell Ivan was inspiring them.”

CRWC is the Alexandria chapter of both the Virginia and the National Federation of Republican Women (VFRW and NFRW). CRWC encourages local Republican women of all ages to become more politically involved by helping support and elect GOP candidates to public office at the local, state, and national levels. The club also has a conservative book club and organizes activities to support charitable organizations. More information is available at https://www.alexandriacrwc.org/