On the Road Again in Alexandria

On the Road Again in Alexandria

Safety protocols in place as trolley service resumes

The free King Street Trolley is back in service as of July 5.

The free King Street Trolley is back in service as of July 5. Photo by R. Kennedy/Visit Alexandria

After a more than a year-long pause in operations due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Alexandria’s King Street Trolley resumed service July 5.

The free service will again shuttle riders along King Street with a few changes in service. The trolley will run from King Street Metro Station to City Hall’s Market Square, every 15 minutes from 11 a.m. to 11 p.m., seven days a week, including holidays.

A new stop at the southeast corner of Market Square on North Fairfax Street will serve passengers accessing the Potomac River waterfront. The stops at Union Street and Lee Street will no longer be served, due to the street closure on the 100 block of King Street.

All riders are required to wear face masks while on board and all trolleys are equipped with driver barriers. Smoking, eating and drinking are prohibited on the trolley and passengers with strollers must close strollers before entering. The trolley stops at designated stops or at a safe location by request. Passengers must pull the cord to signal a stop.

The King Street Trolley is equipped with wheelchair ramps and bike racks as well as automated stop announcements.

To contact DASH (the trolley operator) about lost items or other inquiries, call 703-746-3274 or visit https://www.dashbus.com/trolley