Poem in support of Abrar Omeish

Poem in support of Abrar Omeish


By Charles Childers

(A poem in support of Fairfax County School Board member Abrar Omeish.)

She has given birth to an inspired generation of Virginians,

And when they acquire this nation it requires no explanation,

Their grit and determination,

Was transpired from her dedication,

To lift and motivate,

Work swift and advocate,

For a new gift to cultivate,

A world in which all feel safe to celebrate,

Speak of the state of change which changes our state.

She exists to demonstrate,

That a hijab wearing Muslim can elevate and educate,

People try to push down on her like a paperweight on a paper plate,

But she refuses to fluctuate.

Hate holds no place in the hearts of Virginians.

So no matter your biased, one-sided opinions,

Hate not where three wise men once followed a star,

Hate not Muslims, Jews, and Christians, and hate not Abrar.