Profile of the Week

Man Behind the Tournament

Jimmy Cirrito is the owner and manager of Jimmy's Old Town Tavern at Spring and Elden Streets, although not a resident of Herndon, he spends most of his time with local residents every night of the week.

Name: Jimmy Cirrito

Town, neighborhood, how long there: Manassas, Manassas Park, lived there since 1988.

Born: Oct. 12, 1966 in Springville, N.Y. (near Buffalo).

Occupation: Restaurant manager/owner of Jimmy's Old Town Tavern.

Achievements: Convinced my wife to let me open a bar.

Family: Wife, Maureen, since 1992, and one daughter, Kelsey, who is 10 years old.

Likes: Days off, responsible drinkers, punctual employees, patient people, paying off bill collectors.

Dislikes: Alarm clocks, telemarketers, being rushed, Karaoke, going on diets.

Favorite restaurant/place: Take a guess! (Jimmy's).

Sports interests/activities: Foosball, motorcycling, sleeping.

Community ties: I own Jimmy's!

Community concerns: Crime

Community ideas: Wider sidewalks and shorter red lights!

Personal goals: Grow old with Maureen, see Kelsey become president! Keep "Jimmy's" alive until I am not!