Profile of the Week

Profile of the Week

Man Behind the Tournament

Jimmy Cirrito is the owner and manager of Jimmy's Old Town Tavern at Spring and Elden Streets, although not a resident of Herndon, he spends most of his time with local residents every night of the week.

Name: Jimmy Cirrito

Town, neighborhood, how long there: Manassas, Manassas Park, lived there since 1988.

Born: Oct. 12, 1966 in Springville, N.Y. (near Buffalo).

Occupation: Restaurant manager/owner of Jimmy's Old Town Tavern.

Achievements: Convinced my wife to let me open a bar.

Family: Wife, Maureen, since 1992, and one daughter, Kelsey, who is 10 years old.

Likes: Days off, responsible drinkers, punctual employees, patient people, paying off bill collectors.

Dislikes: Alarm clocks, telemarketers, being rushed, Karaoke, going on diets.

Favorite restaurant/place: Take a guess! (Jimmy's).

Sports interests/activities: Foosball, motorcycling, sleeping.

Community ties: I own Jimmy's!

Community concerns: Crime

Community ideas: Wider sidewalks and shorter red lights!

Personal goals: Grow old with Maureen, see Kelsey become president! Keep "Jimmy's" alive until I am not!