Great Turnout For Herndon’s Tavern Golf Tournament

Great Turnout For Herndon’s Tavern Golf Tournament

Golf event raises money for The Council for the Arts of Herndon.

A signature event in Herndon is the annual golf tournament sponsored by Jimmy's Old Town Tavern at Herndon Centennial Golf Course on Ferndale Avenue. "This year's tourney was easily one of the best ever,” said Jimmy Cirrito, owner of Jimmy's Old Town Tavern. “The 152 players, many of whom were new, were very generous and all had a great time.”

The tournament was held on the final day of July. With the help of Jimmy Cirrito, volunteers and friends of Jimmy's Old Town Tavern, over $4,000 was raised that day. The money will be used by the Council for the Arts of Herndon to fund scholarships, public art, art programs, other local arts organizations and outreach to schools and senior centers.

"The Golf Tournament turned out quite well,” said Signe Friedrichs executive director of the Council for the Arts of Herndon. “We had beautiful weather, 38 foursomes, great sponsors, and a very entertaining course laid out. The whole purpose of the Jimmy's Summer Golf Tournament to benefit the Council for the Arts of Herndon is to raise funds for our scholarships and to have fun while we do it. We met all our objectives, including and especially our financial objectives.”

“Many thanks goes to Herndon Centennial, JJ's Deli, Jimmy's Tavern, the sponsors, the donors, the volunteers and especially to Signe Friedrichs and her crew at the Council for the Arts,” said Jimmy Cirrito. Cirrito will be one of the first business owners in Herndon to take advantage of a new law allowing outdoor bars in the town. The restaurant building on Spring Street is currently undergoing renovations. These will include an outdoor beer garden, a new kitchen, and a new dinning area. Fans and sponsors of Jimmy’s Old Town Tavern are helping raise money by buying bricks that will be used in the new construction, along with hats and t-shirts.

Participants and volunteers for the golf event included former Herndon mayors Delegate Tom Rust (R-86) and Mike O’Reilly, Herndon town council member Sheila Olem, and current Herndon mayor Lisa Merkel. “Our thanks go out to Jimmy Cirrito, who does so much for our community, and his friends and patrons who have so generously supported our mission,” stated Signe Friedrichs. “Mayor Lisa Merkel has been a tireless advocate, sponsor and volunteer for the Arts Council, and we were so grateful to have had her help on the day of the tourney, with her fellow town council member Sheila Olem."

Winners of the golf tournament included Bart Martin, Andy Sova, Scott Nothern and David Bukovskey.

Proprietors Jimmy, Maureen, and Kelsey Cirrito opened Jimmy's Tavern doors on May 29, 1997. Jimmy’s Old Town Tavern has been a sponsor of Friday Night Live on summer Friday evenings in downtown Herndon on the Town Green. The restaurant will have a stand at outdoor music performances for the Herndon JamBrew music concerts on Friday evenings from Aug. 29 to Sept. 27. The Herndon restaurant has won Northern Virginia Magazine's "best wings" award several times. For more information on Jimmy’s Old Town Tavern visit