Letter: Recognizing 'Young Heroes'

Letter: Recognizing 'Young Heroes'

Letter to the Editor

To the Editor:

Inarguably, enlisting in the military is one of the most honorable things one can do after graduating high school. While most are planning vacations to the beach or buying decorations for their dorm rooms, the select few who have enlisted are at basic combat training. A full day there lasts from 16 to 18 hours, with few breaks. They sacrificed the vacations and hanging out with friends for a higher purpose: the defense of our nation. Despite the sacrifice these young men and women are making, the local schools have failed to recognize the responsibilities they have just taken on. Every year Fairfax County Public Schools recognize students for athletic and academic accomplishments, yet they fail to give that same recognition to those who have answered our country’s call to duty in a time when our nation’s security is threatened.

Braddock Supervisor John Cook is a supporter of recognizing our young men and women who chose to enlist and serve our country rather than enjoy the normal post-high school graduation summer. Supervisor Cook partnered along with Christine Zinser and an organization called Our Community Salutes to hold an event that recognized the brave young people graduating from Robinson who chose to enlist immediately after high school. The event was such a success that there was only standing room! I believe that it is time to recognize our young men and women the same way we recognize other graduates’ achievements. This can be done by announcing their names at graduation to everyone in attendance and presenting to them a special chord to symbolize their dedication and sacrifice. Supervisor Cook showed great support for our armed forces and great leadership in our community by helping to pave the way for recognizing those young heroes who chose to enlist.

Taylor Black

GMU Campus Dorms