Oakton High Student Studies Founding Principles

Oakton High Student Studies Founding Principles


Emily Yaremchuk

Emily Yaremchuk, 17, a rising senior at Oakton High School, was among seven Northern Virginia high school students who attended the Constitutional Academy, the nation’s premier program for high school students to study the Constitution – the Bill of Rights Institute announced. The scholarships were provided by the Ohrstrom Foundation.

They read the Founding documents and other primary source resources, and discussed the ideals of the American Founding along with contemporary issues with students from across the country and constitutional scholars in Washington, D.C.

During the educational week in Washington, the students also viewed historical documents at the National Archives and visited landmark sites including George Washington’s Mount Vernon and the U.S. Capitol.

Yaremchuk said her favorite part of the Constitution Academy was the visit to Mount Vernon.

"The estate has such a rich history and it was remarkable to be able to climb stairs that nearly all of the Founding Fathers had. Visiting Mount Vernon gave me an understanding of General Washington's intense care for the infant America and everything he risked to defend it and watch it grow," Yaremchuk said.