Best Friends of Reston


Reston residents Rob, Julie, and Lindsay with their dog Sunny.

Rob, Julie, and Lindsay, residents of Reston for 10 years, have just come from the Lake Anne Farmers Market and are accompanied by their dog Sunny. Sunny is a golden retriever originally from a breeder in Woodstock, N.Y. "The Catskills [near Woodstock, N.Y.] are actually the "Dog-skills, " said Lindsay. Sunny’s name is not due to the culture of the Woodstock Festival, but the fact that he has a shiny, yellow coat. Sunny "loves the farmers market at Lake Anne, the Reston dog park, the lakes, and Reston’s dog days," said Julie. The family finds Sunny entertaining because, "Sunny likes to eat sticks," said Lindsay. "When we come home and Sunny has been alone, he talks to us," said Rob [Rob skillfully demonstrates Sunny’s dog speak].


Zurri and Tierra at Lake Anne.

Zurri and Tierra are Dalmatians who "are funny 24/7" said Cynthia, who has been a resident of Reston for 11 years. Standing by the sculpture fountain at Lake Anne, Zurri and Tierra are both wearing bright red collars and are being playful with each other and other dogs. "Zurri and Tierra are rescues from the ‘Dalmatian Rescue of Southwestern Virginia’ where I work," said Cynthia. Zurri and Tierra "love everything about Reston [and both dogs] are frequent visitors of Lake Anne and the Reston Town Center," said Cynthia. "These dogs go everywhere: They love the Polar Dip [at Lake Anne] and the free water at Starbucks," she added.


Boris at Lake Audubon.

Geri Grant, a frequent visitor of Reston, walks with her goldendoodle Boris around Lake Audubon. Boris most enjoys Reston’s vibrant nature scene, "he loves the water, the shade of the cool trees, and the great paths," said Grant. Grant bought Boris in Berryville, Va. Boris "thinks he’s human…and you often have to check his pulse," said Grant with a laugh.


Sanaz and Spike at Reston Town Center.

Sanaz, a Reston native, strolls around Reston Town Center with her Yorkshire terrier Spike. As to Spike’s unique qualities, "he speaks Farsi and he has a large closet," said Sanaz, pulling out her latest purchase from her purse, a small dog t-shirt with a British phone booth on the front. True to his inner clothes connoisseur, "Spike likes to shop at South Moon Under, at Reston Town Center, and be petted by all the people and kids," said Sanaz.


Dakota most enjoys the squirrels and the trails around Reston.

Nina Rodriguez is at home, in south Reston, with her cocker spaniel Dakota. Dakota is a newly arrived puppy from South Carolina. "Dakota most enjoys the squirrels and the trails around Reston," said Rodriguez. Dakota seems to have her own mission when she walks around the Reston trails because "whenever we come back from a walk she always has the biggest stick," said Rodriguez. Dakota also loves to interact with her fellow Reston residents by exhibiting human traits. "Dakota winks at you," said Rodriguez.