Letter: A Distinct Choice

Letter: A Distinct Choice

To the Editor:

We have a distinct choice in this upcoming presidential election.

Governor Romney wants to overturn Roe v. Wade, has advocated for letting Detroit go bankrupt, wanted to let foreclosures hit bottom, and believes nearly half of Americans view themselves as victims and want government handouts. He says he understands us.

He touts Massachusetts’s Romneycare, criticizes Obamacare, and wants to voucherize Medicare. He says he understands us.

He makes $10,000 bets, pays 14 percent in taxes, put his money in off-shore bank accounts, and has not released any significant tax history. He says we should trust him.

He believes in the unproven “trickle down” theory, says he will balance the budget by closing loopholes, but will not tell us the details of his plans. He says we will have to trust him.

He has continually changed his positions on the issues of abortion, immigration, stimulus, unions, health care, gun laws, TARP and more. He says he will be a consistent leader.

He took a gaffe-filled trip to England, insulted the British, insulted the Palestinians, insulted the Polish, continually attacks the Chinese and thinks Syria borders Iran. He took advantage of multiple deferments during the Vietnam War. He says he will be a good commander-in-chief.

President Obama has been a steadfast president who has remained focused during tough times. In the face of an obstructionist Congress he has withdrawn our troops from Iraq, captured Osama Bin Laden, prevented the auto industry from collapsing, halted discrimination against gay military service members, passed a health care reform act, invested in new technologies, signed a START nuclear arms treaty with Russia, improved federal standards for polluting auto emissions, cut taxes for the middle class and small businesses and has won a Nobel Peace Prize.

Obama signed the Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act, as well as the Unemployment Insurance Reauthorization, and the Middle Class Tax Relief and Job Creation Act. He has instituted tax credits to make it easier for employers to hire veterans. Growth is up, manufacturing is up, and jobs have been added to the economy for over 30 straight months.

President Obama is a strong, consistent, honorable and thoughtful leader who looks out for all Americans and who took the bold steps necessary to lead our country back into a slow but steady economic recovery.

Barbara Glakas