Letter: Letters Change One Can Believe In

Letter: Letters Change One Can Believe In

— To the Editor:

In 1776, when 13 rag tag colonies needed a united military presence to beat the British, George Washington was chosen to lead. He led so capably that England, the strongest military then on the earth, sailed home in defeat. When the issue of slavery divided the nation, Abraham Lincoln emerged as the great unifier. When evil leaders, Adolf Hitler and Tojo, attacked America and her allies in the 1940s, it was Franklin Roosevelt who eventually led to our victory. When Ronald Reagan wanted to end the Cold War with Russia, He didn’t apologize for military might. He boldly declared, “Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall.” American citizens have wisely chosen strong leaders when they were needed most.

Today, America’s citizens stand at a crossroads that will determine the destiny of the country. We are in desperate need of a leader who understands that deficit spending in not free money. We need a leader who understands how the economy works and how to create jobs. We need a leader who will unify our country. America needs restoration not desperation. Only one presidential candidate remains with the skill set necessary to turn things around. That candidate is Mitt Romney.

Romney has said he will take no salary because he believes politicians need to serve the people instead of themselves. He doesn’t owe anyone in Washington any favors, because he is not “a Washington insider.” I believe Mitt Romney will be a strong leader, never apologizing for America’s greatness, and will bring our economy roaring back to life. I believe Mitt Romney can do the job; that’s why I’m voting for change I can believe in.

Tammie Ashley