Second Chances

Second Chances

AWLA's special funds help those most in need.

Many city residents are familiar with the Animal Welfare League of Alexandria and the life-saving work that takes place at the Vola Lawson Animal Shelter. Our generous donors and supporters are a testament to the compassion and generosity prevalent throughout Alexandria. Many animal lovers ask us how they can make the greatest impact and where our greatest area of need lies. While caring for healthy animals can be a challenge on its own, it is the sick and injured animals that require the most resources. Luckily, these animals can rely on Sarah's Fund and Rosemary's Seniors Fund for assistance.

The League set up these special funds to help finance medical care that might otherwise fall outside of our budget. Since 2003, Sarah's Fund has enabled us to provide special medical treatment for hundreds of companion animals, giving them a second chance to find love. Estrella, a 2-year-old-Chihuahua, is just one of many Sarah's Fund success stories. She came to the League with multiple fractures in her front left leg, which sadly could not be repaired. Her leg was amputated and the cost of the surgery and medication was financed by Sarah's Fund. It wasn't long before Estrella won the heart of a lucky adopter, a happy ending made possible by the generous donations to Sarah's Fund.

Senior pets make excellent companions and have a lot of love left to give. The League established Rosemary's Seniors Fund to help our mature animals receive medical screenings and additional care to ensure they have a clean bill of health. Mimi is a 9-year-old cat who recently benefited from Rosemary's Seniors Fund. She received a physical and a blood test to help determine why she was not eating. Several serious conditions were ruled out and Mimi has regained her appetite. She is now healthy and available for adoption.

Although the League only receives one-third of its operating budget from the City of Alexandria, we are able to help animals like Estrella and Mimi thanks to the generous donations we receive. No gift is too small, and donors that want to provide assistance to the animals that truly need it most should consider making their donations to Sarah's Fund and Rosemary's Seniors Fund. For more information, visit