Italian Music at Langley High

Cooper Middle School orchestras join Langley High orchestras in concert.


Latin students, wearing Venetian masks, introduced each orchestral piece in Latin and English.

Students in the five Langley High School orchestras and two Cooper Middle School orchestras presented a concert of Italian music on Tuesday, Feb. 26, at Langley High School. Speaking in her native Italian, Alexa Tavassoli opened the concert with the introduction she gave in the


Members of the Langley Festive Orchestra include Patrick Dubois, Rebeca Anger, Analea von Seggern, conductor Dr. Scott McCormick, William Rau, Alexie Onufrak, and Eryney Marrogi. Langley orchestras and two Cooper Middle School orchestras presented a concert of Italian music on Tuesday, Feb. 26.

Langley Orchestra's recent concerts in Italy. The Langley orchestras and Cooper orchestras performed some of their musical selections, which will be played in the upcoming District XII Orchestra Assessment.


Theron Masters performed a composition by Menotti during an interlude.

Composer Paul Li performed on piano with violin soloists Michelle Chu and Kevin Tan. Other soloists included pianists George Prestoy, Theron Masters, Chigiya Sakai, and Christie Goddard, oboe. Musical selections were introduced in Latin and English by Dr.

Tannenbaum's Latin 3 students Madeleine Chalk, Diana Handler, Na He Jeon, Ben Kenna, Sabrina Lamont, Pallavi Prayaga, and Hayley Wenk. Dr. Scott McCormick and Ms. Bo-Min


Cooper Concert Orchestra students performed with members of the Langley High School Orchestra, conducted by Ms. Bo-Min Son.

Son could not have put on the concert without Alex Swann and his technical crew, and the work of the Tri-M students, led by Skye Toor and Alexandra Fraley.


Cooper Symphonic students prepare for the Italian concert at Langley High School. From left: Curt Zane, Joe Zane, Ben Wang, Daniel Yoon, Chris Tran, and Amber Lai.

William Rau created a slide show of images from the Rome trip, presented with the technical expertise of Alex Swann. Julie Hohl and her team of volunteers organized a pre-concert Italian dinner, attended by students and families. Dr. McCormick expressed appreciation to Becky Corcoran for the concert program, Diane Hara for the Rome trip blog and website, and to the leaders of the Rome trip, Lien-Rung Kao and Greg Pennington.