Herndon Summer Viewpoints

Herndon Summer Viewpoints

What Is Your Favorite Way or Place to Have Fun in Summer in Herndon?

Stephen Mouring, software engineer, Herndon

“We just moved here so I’m sure this will change, but so far it’s been biking around the W&OD Trail because you can access a lot of both Herndon and Reston.”


Stephen Mouring

Melissa Jonas, Herndon Town Council, Herndon

“I enjoy going to get coffee at the Green Lizard and I love Friday Night Live.”


Melissa Jonas

Danny Bentley, student, Herndon

“I’ve always liked going to see the Herndon Braves baseball team play at Herndon High School. It reminds me of my little league days back when I was a star player.”


Danny Bentley

Alex Hansen, student, Great Falls

“Well recently I’ve been training for a marathon with my aunt on the W&OD trail which has been fun. My goal is to eventually run the entire trail. I also like walking around and eating lunch in Old Town Herndon.”


Alex Hansen

Ellen, senior citizen, Herndon

“I live at a retirement home so I really enjoy walking around and looking at the buildings in Herndon. I like the small town community feel to it, and everyone is always very friendly and helpful.”



David Camarda, student, Reston

“The Herndon Festival is always a highlight for me. I’ve been going there since I was a little kid and I’ll definitely be there this year. The rides are my favorite part.”


David Camarda