Walt Lawrence Exhibits at Katie’s Coffee

Walt Lawrence Exhibits at Katie’s Coffee

“Mute Swan” by Walt Lawrence

“Mute Swan” by Walt Lawrence photo contributed


“Great Egret” by Walt Lawrence

Great Falls photographer Walt Lawrence stages a new exhibit at Katie’s Coffee featuring images from his “On the Potomac at Riverbend” collection. The exhibit opened on Oct. 1 and will run through the end of the month. Over the past 15 months Lawrence has been shooting waterscapes and wildlife from a boat in the Potomac off of Riverbend Park. The images reflect the beauty of the river in different seasons and the variety of birds that either make the river their permanent home or just stop in for a seasonal visit. Lawrence said, “I especially enjoy shooting birds in flight and as they take off or land. Some fly so fast, especially the smaller ducks, it’s hard to capture the power and grace of their movements.” But Lawrence continues to add to his collection and plans to go out on the river shooting from the Seneca Breaks (off the end of Seneca Road) down to the western tip of Conn Island. He is also hoping for some serious snow and ice this winter to add a new backdrop for the images and to see how the wildlife adapts to the different conditions.

While the exhibit of Katie’s Coffee represents only a small portion of his work, Lawrence will be participating in the upcoming Great Falls Studio Tour on Oct. 19 and 20, showing his entire collection at his studio in the Artists’ Atelier located at 1144 Walker Road, Suite G in Great Falls. For additional information about Lawrence visit www.GreatFallsAtelier.com or email at waltlawrence@cox.net.