First Annual Springfest Arrives

First Annual Springfest Arrives

Capitol City Brewing Company had a new idea inspired by the decade-old Oktoberfest tradition: “Let’s invite about 50 local breweries to a festival welcoming spring.” A funny happened. They all accepted. Thus, 2014 is witness to The First Annual SpringFest in The Village at Shirlington.

Spring arrived in perfect form with warm sun and freshly blown flowers. If something can be made “perfect-er,” such was the case as music, dancing, food and excellent beers arrived at noon. Non-drinkers and children were admitted without charge. Those with paid admission could choose from more than 100 seasonal spring ales and lagers.

Restaurants flanking Campbell Avenue suffered no loss of patrons. Indeed, those dining shared in the mood and had ringside seats as an audience to the SpringFest activities.

The sponsor, Capitol City Brewing Company, handcrafts more than 200 styles of beer.

The gathering was more a convention than a contest. Two things were obvious. All the brewers were in very good spirits (pun intended) and all their spirits were good.