Pet Connection

Pet Connection

Our readers submitted photos of their adorable pets.

Pepper at our backdoor waiting to chase squirrels in our backyard
— Bob Strange, Fairfax Station

Pepper at our backdoor waiting to chase squirrels in our backyard — Bob Strange, Fairfax Station

Take a look at some of the adorable pet photos our readers sent in for the Pet Connection.


This is a picture of my son's Boston Terrier, Dia, and my Shihpoo, Dexter. I was having trouble getting both dogs to pose perfectly for the camera. Then, a bird flew overhead. Both dogs locked eyes on the bird at the exact same time. At that very moment, I snapped this picture. — Marsha Pierce, Fairfax Station


Simba, who lives in Burke, loves to snuggle into empty boxes that are lying around the house.

Ode to Pepper

By Bob Stranger, Fairfax Station

A poem of my 10-year-old Scottish Terrier who was lost to cancer in August 2013. As the poem indicates he was a regular visitor to Burke Rehabilitation Center with the Fairfax Pet on Wheels Program for a number of years and will be missed by everyone who ever encountered him.

From a private home in Tidewater land

Came a young pup by Sophie, the dam

Dubbed Bucky by name for his misaligned teeth

He soon became PEPPER upon joining our midst

Obedience class was a needless chore

In a church parking lot with which to explore

He seemed to enjoy the attention he got

But discipline was out by any sort

A creature of habit you bet he was

A built in clock it seemed to be

His walks could be timed by his location at the door

With bedtime a must following his nightly chore

He dearly loved to roam the beach

To chase the gulls and to watch them fly

The sandcrab was a challenge to behold

With many a tryst between friend and foe

Pepper considered everyone a friend

Whether young or old ‘twas always the same

A warm greeting or a pat was all he required

To satisfy the tail wagging of this endearing lad

A weekly visit to nursing home care

Became a mainstay for him in his own little way

He was always anxious to greet all he met

And gained many a friend in the lives that he touched

Pasta was a favorite snack to partake

With long strands of spaghetti a special treat

Vegetables that crunched were a delightful fare

carrots became a favorite to share

Pepper could never accept the sound of flight

Planes and helicopters were a menace to sight

Holiday fireworks were his nemesis as well

Requiring loving attention to calm his fright

Whenever he wanted to be mischievous in kind

He would always find something to hide

Whether it was clothing or trinkets that someone had left out

More often than not he would be found

Guarding his cache in a well secluded spot

Regardless of whether he was always up for his daily walk

Whether it was raining or snowing was no concern to him

The elements had no dissuasion for this endearing dog

Pepper was never much in to learning tricks

But had mannerisms that endeared him to us

When groceries were delivered from the store

He could often be found in search of a treat

Disease took its toll in a prime time of life

His ten years on Earth became too much for him

He now joins the legions in a better place beyond

With lots of fond memories to cherish abound

Farewell good buddy you were a good friend and will be missed by all that you met.