Cronin Gives Oakton Girls’ Basketball Defensive Presence

Cronin Gives Oakton Girls’ Basketball Defensive Presence

Q&A: Rising senior named 2014 Conference 5 Defensive POY.

Karlie Cronin is a two-sport standout at Oakton High School.

Karlie Cronin is a two-sport standout at Oakton High School. Connection File Photo

Karlie Cronin is an all-conference performer for the Oakton girls’ basketball and lacrosse teams.

On the hardwood, Cronin earned first-team All-Conference 5 and Defensive Player of the Year honors in 2014, while helping the Cougars win the conference title. Two years earlier, Cronin, then a freshman, helped Oakton win the 2012 AAA state championship.

On the lacrosse field, Cronin earned second-team all-conference honors in 2014 while helping the Cougars win conference and region championships, and finish state runner-up.

Cronin, a rising senior, intends to play basketball in college but is undecided about where. She recently participated in a Q&A via email with The Connection.

*Connection: You're a standout basketball and lacrosse player at Oakton. Which do you consider your "main" sport?

Cronin: I consider basketball my main sport.

*Connection: Are you committed anywhere?

Cronin: I'm undecided at the moment but have a couple different schools I’m considering.

*Connection: You were the girls’ basketball Defensive Player of the Year in Conference 5 last year. How would you describe your mentality on defense?

Cronin: My mentality on defense is just having intensity and being quick and aggressive.

*Connection: The Oakton girls’ basketball program had a long run of district championships before Centreville won in 2013. How did it feel to bring back the district/conference title to Oakton in 2014?

Cronin: It felt great to bring the conference title back to Oakton in 2014. We weren't really expected to win in the beginning of the season so it was nice to prove everyone wrong.

*Connection: What is your favorite basketball moment from your first three years at Oakton? What is your favorite lacrosse moment?

Cronin: My favorite basketball moment is winning the state championship in 2012, and my favorite lacrosse moment was beating Centreville in 2013 during the regular season.

*Connection: What is your favorite food?

Cronin: I love anything chocolate.

*Connection: Who is your favorite music artist?

Cronin: Trey Songz or Kip Moore.

*Connection: What is your favorite movie?

Cronin: '21 Jump Street.'

*Connection: What is your favorite hobby outside of basketball and lacrosse?

Cronin: I like photography, when I'm not playing sports.

*Connection: What location is the farthest you have traveled from the Washington, D.C. metro area?

Cronin: Hawaii or the Bahamas.

*Connection: Are you a pro sports fan? If so, who are your favorite teams?

Cronin: Yes, I really like the Indianapolis Colts.