Letter: Business Experience

Letter: Business Experience

Letter to the Editor

To the Editor:

In last week's Gazette, the front page featured a story concerning Dan Storck's candidacy for Mount Vernon supervisor. In the first two paragraphs of the story it talked about Christine Morin, a Lorton resident, quoting her and providing her explanation as to why she had moved with her family from Burke to the Laurel Hill section of the South County area of the Mount Vernon District. Mrs. Morin expressed her support for the election of Mr. Storck.

The story failed to mention that Mrs. Morin is a senior staff aide employed by current Supervisor Gerry Hyland who has strongly endorsed Mr. Storck for what would essentially be an 8th Hyland term, given their concurrence on numerous issues including, among others, creating a new meals tax. Mrs. Morin capably shoulders significant responsibility on behalf of the supervisor for issues arising in the South County area of the Mount Vernon District. Moreover, last weekend, Mrs. Morin and her husband hosted a fundraiser in their home supporting Mr. Storck's candidacy.

These facts would have assisted readers in determining whether Mrs. Morin's comments should convince them to vote for Mr. Storck in this important election. Now readers have this information and can decide for themselves.

I have, in fact, contributed to Jane Gandee's campaign. I support her candidacy for election as Mount Vernon supervisor because, simply, after 28 years of having Mr. Hyland as Mount Vernon supervisor, a change in approach is worth supporting. We need to move ahead with North Hill — it looks the same as it did when Supervisor Hyland entered politics three decades ago. We need to assure that no more opportunities for commercial development on Richmond Highway, such as at Kings Crossing, are squandered due to (1) oppressive building permit obstacles interposing crushing delays, (2) an unfriendly Comprehensive Plan, and (3) excessive proffer demands by adjacent communities and community "leaders."

A supervisor who has created and grown a significant business in our community, has first-hand experience with commercial development in the county and understands the care that must be taken in spending other people's money would be an asset. Jane Gandee is such a person and I encourage voters to support her candidacy for Mount Vernon supervisor.

H. Jay Spiegel

Mount Vernon