Letter: An Appeal to Save Marmota Farm

Letter: An Appeal to Save Marmota Farm

To the Editor

To the Editor:

Marmota Farm is the only remaining open space in the heart of Great Falls. Park land in the center of a community imparts a special charm and character to that community. Once the land is gone, the community loses that special character.

Marmota Farm provides a peaceful and relaxing view shed for those who are visiting the Grange. Visitors can enjoy looking out at the green space.

Marmota Farm represents the history of Great Falls as a farming community. Preserving our roots as a farming community protects the unique heritage of Great Falls.

Marmota Farm provides natural surface areas where Trail Blazers can have the annual 5K run that raises funds for trails in Great Falls.

Marmota Farm is a space where children and adults from Lift Me Up can walk the Lift Me Up horses in a natural, open space. Many of the children from Lift Me Up spend much of their lives indoors. Marmota Farm is a place where they can experience a quiet, uncrowded, piece of nature. Its close-in location allows adults and children to schedule regular therapeutic riding sessions.

Marmota Farm provides a natural, sound-absorbing, leafy buffer between the Great Falls Grange and Schoolhouse and the residential neighborhoods off Georgetown Pike.

Development of Marmota Farm would lead to more traffic congestion in Great Falls. Its entrance would be added to six others along an overcrowded stretch of Georgetown Pike between Old Dominion Drive and Walker Road. This will lead to longer commutes for many residents.

Marmota Farm provides scenic views along the byway of Georgetown Pike. Preserving Marmota Farm is one way of preserving the rural nature of a section of Georgetown Pike.

Marmota Farm provides a pleasing view shed as people drive into Great Falls. The farm promotes identification with the community and improves property values.

Marmota Farm is envisioned as a park that would be preserved as it is with no new infrastructure. This minimizes recurring operational and maintenance costs for the FCPA.

Please support funding for the purchase of Marmota Farm from the 2016 park bond.

Ann Brokaw

Great Falls