Fairfax County: Torres Walks Free

Fairfax County: Torres Walks Free

Former police officer released five days after sentencing for killing John Geer


Adam Torres was fired by Fairfax County Police on July 31 and indicted for the second-degree murder of John Geer on Aug. 17.

Former Fairfax County Police Officer Adam Torres walked free Wednesday morning, June 29. He was the first officer in the force's history to be charged with killing someone.

Five days after being sentenced to serve 12 months in prison for the felony charge of involuntary manslaughter of Springfield resident John Geer in 2013, Torres was released from Fairfax County Adult Detention Center at 8 a.m. on June 29.

Torres had been in jail since August, 2015. The Fairfax Circuit Court judge counted the time served in determining the release.

Commonwealth's Attorney Raymond Morrogh said following the sentencing that ten months is typical for release of a prisoner serving a year-long sentence. At the time, Morrogh estimated Torres would be released within a few weeks of the sentencing.

Attorneys said Torres would be returning to a wife, two young children and an infant that was born recently.

Wearing a button-up blue-checked shirt and carrying a few personal effects, Torres walked to a car and declined to answer questions.