Wu: Honorary Councilmember

Wu: Honorary Councilmember

Montgomery County Councilmember Craig Rice will host Angela Wu from Thomas S. Wootton High School as an honorary Councilmember on Tuesday, Nov. 1. Councilmember Rice, who chairs the Council’s Education Committee, developed the “Councilmember for a Day” challenge as a way for young people to become more involved in public policy issues and to learn about local government.

Councilmember Rice asked high school students to submit YouTube videos or written essays answering one of the following questions:

  • Why do you think Montgomery County is a great place to live and to get an education?

  • What public policy issues are important to you?

  • What can County Government do to get young people more interested in local issues?

Wu’s winning entry was an essay focused on diversified curriculum. Her essay can be read athttp://tinyurl.com/jheg83e .