Opinion: Letter to the Editor: Thanksgiving Thoughts

Opinion: Letter to the Editor: Thanksgiving Thoughts

‘The Little Things I Think Of

— For It's Thanksgiving’

Family friends and good neighbors

Walking through autumn leaves

And the sound of many colors because it's Fall.

Autumn colors and cool breeze and the crisp smell of firewood,

Through the air you can hear the sound of children playing full of laughter.

Those are a few things I think of and of course "Thanksgiving Dinner"

The smell of pumpkin, apple and sweet potato pies

Basket full of red apples, oranges on the counter, and cinnamon sticks, Cappuccino coffee, hot chocolate and green tea, that's just the start.

Glazed turkey and some ham, stuffing and gravy of course

And all the trimmings — mashed potatoes, casserole, yams, cranberry sauce,

Roasted glazed carrots, onions, rice, home-made macaroni, cabbage, walnut relish and celery along with a good salad.

Of the many things I am thankful for: My mother,

She loved to fix a feast for Thanksgiving,

Especially her potato soup I miss

And how she would smile for I loved her home-made soup

And the laughter we shared because I would say

“Mom I'm still a vegetarian”

And dinner we would have family together

And friends and good neighbors

And many different conversations

And football of course.

Happy Thanksgiving to all throughout the City of Alexandria,

Activist Geri Baldwin