Opinion: Letter to the Editor: Next Governor

Opinion: Letter to the Editor: Next Governor

The next Governor of Virginia: Ed Gillespie. That is what I thought immediately upon meeting this personable, humble, and kind candidate on July 4. Virginia will be so lucky when Ed wins. That was my next thought. And please note that indeed it was not if, when.

Surety in a strong connection to the message of serve, educate, create. In networking, meeting new people, and studying websites, articles, and recent debate, it is clear that Ed Gillespie is gubernatorial already. The only simple, clear choice, and action left for Virginians to do is vote Ed Gillespie on Nov. 7.

Take a moment to visit Ed Gillespie’s website in service to community, excellence in education, and then create a safer stronger Virginia by voting Ed Gillespie for Governor.

Brenda Montaine