Community Meeting on Management Options for Lake Accotink

Community Meeting on Management Options for Lake Accotink

A community meeting is scheduled for Monday, April 30, to discuss options for the management of Lake Accotink. The Park Authority will join Braddock District Supervisor John Cook and Lee District Supervisor Jeff McKay to gather public input in developing a vision for how Lake Accotink Park will serve the community for years to come. Members of the community are invited to Lake Braddock Secondary School, at 9200 Burke Lake Road in Burke, from 7 to 8:30 p.m. for discussion and to voice their opinions.

Since Lake Accotink was created in 1940, the increasing flow of sediment from upstream has complicated management of the lake. The lake has been dredged three times in the past to maintain sufficient water depth to support recreational use of the lake; but, the time span between dredges continues to decrease while the cost to dredge continues to rise. The accumulated sediment is reaching a critical point once again.

The options considered in the study include:

  • No Direct Management, allowing the lake to continue to fill in

  • Continue Current Dredging Method, as has been done in the past

  • Dredging with the Addition of a Forebay, allowing for smaller, yearly dredges

  • Single Stream Channel with Reclaimed Land, modifying the existing dam to revert the land condition to the original stream corridor

  • Single Stream Channel with a Smaller Lake, modifying the dam to create a single stream but retaining a smaller, offset lake

Details for each of these options can be found by viewing the presentation and information boards shared with the community at the Jan. 22, 2018 meeting. More in-depth analysis can be found in the Lake Sustainability Study Once you have evaluated the options and are ready to share your opinion, you can go to the Lake Accotink Park Master Plan Revision webpage, and click on the blue box to take you to the Lake Accotink Planning survey.

Comments can always be shared by email at

Community input regarding the preferred method of managing Lake Accotink will continue to be accepted through May 28, 2018.

If you are unable to join this meeting, the presentation will be shared online after the meeting with an opportunity to provide your comments. You can always find presentations and comment summaries from previous community meetings on the Lake Accotink Park Master Plan Revision webpage.