Opinion: Letter to the Editor: Strongly Supporting Downtown Project

Opinion: Letter to the Editor: Strongly Supporting Downtown Project

I am a resident of the town of Herndon and would like to express my strong support for the Herndon Downtown Redevelopment Project.

As many other residents of Herndon, I and my family have been looking forward to the redevelopment. The project looked very promising and seemed to cover everything that our small downtown needed. No doubt it would bring many positives both in the short and long term to the whole town. Seeing all the improvement happening right outside of Herndon, I’m sure a lot of people do not want this town to be left behind.

It was shocking to find out that a few people filed appeals objecting to the construction. The whole process was open and highly publicized so it is quite puzzling to learn that someone could be against any part of the project, especially when it was so close to being given life.

I strongly believe that the supporters of the project far outnumber those who are against it. Considering all the communications and statements from various residents of Herndon that I observed in the past weeks, I believe the project has overwhelming support and there are very strong concerns that if it doesn’t happen in the nearest future, Herndon might lose its best chance for redevelopment.

Herndon has great potential with its great location near Dulles Airport and major infrastructure, beautiful nature, and vibrant community. I hope Comstock Partners will use this opportunity to help Herndon achieve its transformation and make a colorful, impressive step forward.

Kamila Blufer