Opinion: Letter to the Editor: Responsive To Digging

Opinion: Letter to the Editor: Responsive To Digging

I want to thank Mayor Allison Silberberg and Vice Mayor Justin Wilson for their quick response to my writing them about my concern about the sidewalk along the 400 block of Wilkes Street after contractors finished digging along the street and its sidewalk to place new gas pipe line and meters.

I was concerned that the sidewalk and all the brick which was removed would not be repaired or replaced until sometime next year. It is dreadful and dangerous as well as unbearable to walk on with or without heels. The sidewalk has lumps of asphalt and dents in it — much like a path for dirt bikes. I’m concerned about what harm it may cause our seniors and disabled elderly.

Vice Mayor Wilson replied to me that Washington Gas has the obligation to restore the sidewalks back to their original condition when they are done and that repairs are expected by Oct. 24.

Activist Geri Baldwin