Opinion: Letter to the Editor: Strongest Voice

Opinion: Letter to the Editor: Strongest Voice

Dr. Ibraheem Samirah brings energy, enthusiasm, and ideas to the 86th District. He is the Democratic candidate, and he is sprinting into the special election in less than a month, Feb. 19. He is running for the seat left vacant when voters chose Jennifer Boysko to move into the Senate.

Dr. Samirah offers to voters his experience as a dentist and founder of a small business. He runs a community-based clinic that serves its DC neighborhood. He knows the importance of health care, and also the need for good management.

Driving daily from Herndon to his office, Dr. Samirah knows the hazards of commuting, including delays, traffic, and high tolls. “The tolls need to come down” to help northern Virginia commuters, he says. Northern Virginia is the economic engine of the state, and residents here shouldn’t be punished for our growth and strong economy.

Dr. Samirah will also work to expand the insurance marketplace. “Virginia can strengthen insurance options, even if the federal government is unable to act,” he said. He knows first-hand the importance of affordable health care for all.

Dr. Samirah is also concerned about public education, and wants to work for higher teacher pay, lower class sizes, and pre-K education across the state. He says that Virginia’s base of support for local schools has declined, and needs to return to levels that make us competitive with other states.

Because he supports growing health insurance options, more funding for public schools, and lowering tolls, Dr. Samirah is the strongest voice for all in the 86th District. Vote Samirah on Feb. 19.

Alice Foltz