Sharing Acts of Kindness

Sharing Acts of Kindness

To acknowledge and inspire kindness and good deeds, Volunteer Fairfax has launched the #GoodConnectsUs campaign, recognizing citizens connecting with each other through volunteerism. This 12-week campaign, developed in partnership with Fairfax High grad Elisa Luckabaugh, features a Geographic Information System (GIS) interactive map that creates a visual display of the good works being performed in the community.

People check out the “Good Deed” infographic for inspiration, complete their act of volunteerism, record what they did on the interactive map and watch a blue dot appear in that location. Participants are also encouraged to post a picture of their good deed to social media and challenge friends and colleagues to join.

“Volunteer Fairfax hopes this campaign can inspire individuals and groups to action by demonstrating the abundance of good works that connect us in our community,” said Volunteer Fairfax CEO Steve Mutty. “Through simple acts of kindness, being a good neighbor, or [doing] volunteer activities through a nonprofit, we’ll show how being intentional and impactful adds up for the greater good.”

With a passion and talent for GIS, Luckabaugh created and will manage the campaign’s interactive map. “This is an opportunity to do good to connect and engage my community,” she said. This fall, she’ll attend the University of Mary Washington, majoring in geography to obtain a certificate in Geographic Information Science.

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