Mount Vernon Chamber Highlights Crazy Good Mask

Mount Vernon Chamber Highlights Crazy Good Mask

Webinar hosts science experts that tout the high-tech masks, screens and sanitizers that are available locally


The “mPACTAIR 99” mask.


Crazy Good Mask was born out of a tech company.

With all that’s changing as a result of the pandemic, Mount Vernon now has a scientific mask company called Crazy Good Mask, and they are an offshoot of Castle Bio Security that does all the scientific development and testing. More of the population has been vaccinated, but wearing a mask is still recommended by the CDC, so Crazy Good Mask has the “mPACTAIR 99,” to fight the spread of germs, possibly including COVID-19.

“The coronavirus became a catalyst for innovation,” said Rob Newbold, who represented Castle with Chip McIntyre on a webinar recently hosted by the Mount Vernon-Lee Chamber of Commerce. “Because of the pandemic, we’ve evolved into bio security,” he added.

The buzz word with their high-tech mask material is “nanofiber technology.” The nanofibers are woven so small, Crazy Good Mask says, it is tough to see with the naked eye, and helps protect against bacteria and viruses. They claim it does not fog glasses either, which is a problem for many mask wearers.

Mary Ann Settlemyre is the local owner at Crazy Good Mask, a woman-owned company that has the mPACTAIR VIRUSGUARD, non-medical Nanosheer FACEMASK, as well as other products to fend off the virus. Settlemyre is originally from Niagara Falls, and has been in the Mount Vernon area for 20 years. She is an elementary school teacher, business owner and member of the Mount Vernon-Lee Chamber of Commerce.

Crazy Good Mask offers products to make businesses as safe as possible: Nanosheer masks (made with 3 layers of nanofibers which filters particles), a Six-Hour Hand Sanitizer, Detergent that keeps your clothes free of contamination for 30 days with just one wash, they say, and "Sanifog," a revolutionary way to sanitize a business in minutes, without missing one surface, all the while, cutting the need for extra manpower, the chamber introduction stated.

The parent company is based in Hillside, New Jersey, and they specialize in other products that seem to be focused on fighting germs, although they do not mention COVID-19 for all the products. Other items include a mini car air purifier ($19.95), a Smart Automatic Wireless Charger for cell phones ($28.99) or the Personal Protection Equipment Door Caddy ($224.95).

The cell phone is a spot where the germs can gather, so “clean your phones,” added McIntyre.