‘Senior Prank’ Filmed in Area

‘Senior Prank’ Filmed in Area

Local talent recruited for "The Senior Prank."

The filming of "The Senior Prank."

The filming of "The Senior Prank." Photo Contributed

The community has rallied together behind the new local film in progress "The Senior Prank."


Carys Meyer, who plays Carly, getting her make-up done before shooting.

Director Donald Leow, who also directed previous film "For the Glory," has brought in cast and crew from all over the country, while recruiting local talent for his film as well. Many members of the Fairfax community have gathered to be extras, show their talent on screen, help with tech, or just support the film.


Director Donald Leow, a resident of Clifton, at work filming "The Senior Prank" movie.

Part of the excitement for the film comes from bringing in the talented actor of the hit 2011 movie "Courageous," Ben Davies, to play lead role Brandon.


Cast members of "The Senior Prank" give a smile and share a group hug.

"The Senior Prank" is the story of a group of popular teenagers who decide to elect a girl with Down's Syndrome as their homecoming queen for a joke. This family drama with a Christian basis is sure to touch hearts as it displays the horrible truth of bullying.


Ben Davies (Brandon) and Frank Stephens (Ben), play brothers in the movie.

The movie itself was filmed all over the area, in places like Manassas Baptist Church, The Kings Chapel in Clifton, Word of Life Christian Academy in Springfield, and even Great Harvest Bread in Lorton. Many locals have opened up their homes to the cast and crew for housing as well as to provide backdrops to shoot scenes.

The local participation and location in filming "The Senior Prank" makes the community very integrated and rightfully excited to see it on the silver screen.