McLean Beats Highlands Swim

McLean Beats Highlands Swim

The McLean swim team defeated Highlands Swim, 246-174, in a Division I NVSL meet on July 7 in McLean.

In boys’ action, freestyle event winners were: McLean’s Stephen Seliskar (15-18, 50 meters) and Timothy Wu (13-14, 50), and Highlands’ Andrew Tsakounis (8U, 25), Ben Charles (9-10, 50) and Diego Cruzado (11-12, 50).

Backstroke winners were: McLean’s Atticus Gore (8U), Christopher Murphy (13-14) and Seliskar (15-18), and Highlands’ Nolan Musslewhite (9-10), Cruzado (11-12).

Breaststroke winners were: McLean’s Will Soobert (11-12), Wu (13-14) and Seliskar (15-18), and Highlands’ Tsakounis (8U), Musslewhite (9-10).

Butterfly winners were: McLean’s Soobert (11-12), Murphy (13-14) and Seliskar (15-18), and Highlands’ Tanner Moore (8U) and Ben Charles (9-10).

McLean won the 200 mixed-age relay (Soobert, Joseph Horsfield, Murphy and Seliskar), 13-14 100 medley relay (Murphy, Wu, Justin Nguyen and Ryan Lucas) and the 15-18 200 medley relay (Stephen Seliskar, Andrew Seliskar, Jake McCarron and Tyler Fritz).

Highlands won the 8U 100 free relay (Daniel Isman, Adam Kunz, Tanner Moore and Tsakounis), the 9-10 100 medley relay (Matthew Bruning, Musslewhite, Charles and Hayden Evans) and the 11-12 100 medley relay (Cruzado, James Saunders, Alexander King and Zachary Tsakounis).

IN GIRLS’ ACTION, freestyle winners were: McLean’s Natalia Rongione (8U), Olivia Gore (9-10), Michelle Owens (11-12), Amy Owens (13-14) and Megan Murphy (15-18).

Backstroke winners were: McLean’s Rongione (8U), Gore (9-10), Owens (11-12), Libby Ulrich (13-14) and MJ Ulrich (15-18).

Breaststroke winners were: McLean’s Lillie Paris (8U), Hannah McCarron (9-10), Isabella Rongione (11-12), Ulrich (13-14) and MJ Ulrich (15-18).

Butterfly winners were: McLean’s Isabella Rongione (11-12), Owens (13-14) and Murphy (15-18), and Highlands’ Aminata Davis (8U) and Allison Martin (9-10).

McLean won the 8U 100 free relay (Kaitlyn Helfrich, Paris, Anna Laszlo and Natalia Rongione), the mixed age 200 medley relay (Isabella Rongione, Gore, Owens and MJ Ulrich), the 9-10 100 medley relay (Gore, McCarron, Skylar Tennant and Dora Wu) and the 11-12 100 medley relay (Caitlin Nguyen, Owens, Isabella Rongione and Sarah Rice).

Highlands won the 13-14 100 medley relay (Olivia Tripodi, Alexandria Clarke, Xenia de Cazotte and Sydney Stocks) and the 15-18 200 medley relay (Elizabeth Dolan, Aedan Collins, Jessica Cruzado and Maria McGuire).