Viewpoints: "What issues are most important to you in this year’s election?"

What issues are most important to you in this year’s election?

Sarah Jane Brady, Vienna

“I’m interested in women’s issues. Also, interested in age-related issues such as health care and Medicare. And jobs.”

Nancy Steffen, Vienna

“Equal rights, equal pay. Medicare and health-care, employment, more jobs and more affordable housing.”

Mike Berger, Vienna

“It’s more about honesty, integrity and consistency. The thing that really infuriated me is the pandering to special-interest groups.”

Jim Stivison, Vienna

“Three issues really are on the top of my mind. The security of the U.S. I am very concerned about the defense of the United States. Secondly, the economy. We’ve done nothing to bring us out of this depression. Third, unemployment. Twenty-seven million people out of work is unacceptable. I think it’s time we get a new horse-holder up front.”

Anne Stuntz

“I’m glad the election is focusing on women’s issues because I think they’re important. The election hasn’t covered environmental issues at all. My least favorite thing about the election is how corporations are now allowed to contribute whatever they want to the campaigns.”