Langley Orchestra Presents Western Concert

Langley Orchestra Presents Western Concert

The end of the year concert is a night filled with country-style outfits, tunes from the Old West, and plenty of spirit.

Langley Orchestra ended a year of great concerts with their Western concert on Tuesday, June 4. The concert featured pieces such as “The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly,” “Cowboys,” and “The American Journey.” Directed by Dr. Scott McCormick and Ms. Bo-Min Son, the concert included a vocal student performance and a tribute to the graduating class of 2013.

As the orchestra said farewell to the graduating seniors, Dr. McCormick stated in his speech to the students that he hoped the orchestra had provided “a home at school.” Langley students have indeed enjoyed participating in the orchestra and its concerts. Freshman Katherine Carris said, “The concert was so much fun, and a great way for classmates to get together for an evening of music.” School spirit was certainly felt at the concert as students dressed in plaid and cowboy hats to match the Western theme of the concert. The Western concert was particularly exciting for the students, and freshman Minh Pham said, “It was wonderful to play Western themed music and watch the seniors receive a tribute.” The concert was an impressive way to end the year, and according to freshmen Dan Englund and David Fraley, it was definitely a “memorable evening of music.”