Letter: Much To Cheer About

o the Editor:

When I write to the Gazette Packet, I'm usually encouraging Alexandrians to come to T. C. Williams High School to experience football or basketball "close-up." However, having been in attendance at the other "futbol" game that your reporter Tommy Valtin-Erwin wrote about last week, and then having been at the regional championship game on Thursday evening against Washington-Lee, to borrow from the Monkees ..."I'm A Believer!" No fan will be subjected to a "nil-nil" outcome. (T.C. will play the 6A south runner-up C.D. Hylton of Woodbridge on Thursday, June 12 at 7 p.m. at Robinson High School, the "States" finals site. If successful, they play there for the state title Saturday at 5 p.m.

(At the time of the June 5 article, the first game was scheduled for Friday, June 13, but one high school's entire squad suffers from triskaidekaphobia and could not play that day.)

Meanwhile ... this past weekend the T.C. boys track team won the 6A "States" down at Newport News. Well done, Titans!

Grandpa Titan aka Mike Oliver, Alexandria