Potomac Brief: Law To Combat Human Trafficking Now in Effect

A bill to combat human trafficking by implementing civil fines for buyers of sex became law in Montgomery County this week. Bill 39-15 was introduced by Montgomery County Councilmembers Tom Hucker and Craig Rice and was unanimously approved by the council.

Potomac Brief: High School Juniors/Seniors Sought as Election Judges

The Montgomery County Board of Elections “Future Vote” Program is seeking high school juniors/seniors to serve as paid election judges at polling places for the Presidential Primary Election to be held on Tuesday, April 26.

Potomac Brief: Report Addresses School-to-Prison Pipeline

The Montgomery County Council received the Office of Legislative Oversight (OLO) report on “The School-to-Prison Pipeline in Montgomery County” on March 1.

Arlington: County Board Clashes Over Playground Construction

If there’s one place in Arlington where you're likely to see more arguments than at a playground, it's the County Board. An argument between neighborhood residents against their civic association and the Neighborhood Conservation Advisory Committee escalated to a disagreement between members of the County Board, but one that ended with unanimous approval.

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Arlington: Minding the Budget Gap

Quick look at the Arlington County Schools budget.

Arlington County has a revenue sharing agreement with the school system, where the schools automatically receive 46.5 percent of the local taxes revenue.

Arlington: Draft Childcare Regulations Withdrawn

Controversy forces County Board to reconsider regulations.

The Arlington County Board on Feb. 23 pulled draft revisions of Chapter 52 child care regulations from the public comment website after voluminous comments, "some quite pointed," had been received criticizing a number of the draft provisions.

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Report: Striking Increase in Arlington Residents Seeking Assistance

Arlington safety-net report draws crowd.

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, more than 17,000 Arlington residents are living at or below the Federal poverty level of $24,250 for a household of four.

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Burke, Fairfax Station, Springfield and Mount Vernon legislators reflect on battles won, lost and tabled after General Assembly “Crossover”

Tuesday, Feb. 16 marked “crossover,” the milestone during the current session of the Virginia General Assembly session in Richmond where bills passed by the House of Delegates move to the Senate for debate and either approval or rejection, and vice versa.

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Alexandria: Butting Heads on Ramsey Homes

Sudden reversal in saga of Alexandria affordable housing.

After seven hours of debate, the decision not to rezone Ramsey Homes on Saturday was rendered moot when one City Council member announced three days later that he’d changed his mind.

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Alexandria: Birders Protest Chemical Treatment at Monticello Park

Warbler watch set to begin in this migration spot.

It's almost March 1, the official beginning of this year's warbler watch at Monticello Park in Alexandria.

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Alexandria: Jinks Presents Budget Plan

2017 proposed budget focuses on funding schools, but sets aside pre-k programs.

With Fairfax County looking at raising its real estate tax rate by 3 cents and Arlington County lowering it by a half cent, the main theme of City Manager Mark Jinks’ FY 2017 budget was surviving somewhere in the middle while providing funding to enhance schools, the fire department, and parking.

Editorial: Bad Bills

General Assembly has potential to do lots of damage in a short period.

From pressing for use of a barbaric form of execution, the electric chair, to codifying discrimination, to stripping localities of the major tool for ensuring infrastructure is in place for new development, to hiding more and more critical public information from the public, the Virginia General Assembly is poised to do harm to the Commonwealth.

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Burke, Fairfax: Filler-Corn Promotes Child Care Safety in the General Assembly

In the 2016 General Assembly Session, Del. Eileen Filler-Corn (D-41) has offered two bipartisan bills continuing her work in making child care safer in Virginia.

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Alexandria: And Now for Something Different–Consensus

Council and School Board agree on capacity priority.

Here’s how budget sessions go: the Alexandria City Public Schools (ACPS) puts together a list of funding requests. The city puts its budget together and tells the school system to get its numbers lower. There’s some haggling over prices and priorities, with the city eventually transferring a little more money into the schools and the schools announcing cuts to various programs or plans to reach the city’s funding requirements.

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Oil Spill Reaches Roaches Run, Potomac

Dominion Power working on remediation.

The unraveling of the oil sheen mystery on the Potomac River took Federal, state and Arlington County officials, the Coast Guard, multiple lab tests and days of speculation.