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Palestinian Professor’s Plea in Arlington

Memoir seeks to humanize the plight of the dispossessed.

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Comstock Challengers Count on ‘Blue Wave’

The six Democrats vying to unseat Barbara Comstock face off at Colvin Run Elementary.

Commentary: Finishing State Legislature’s Work

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Local Youth Rally in Fairfax for Better Gun Safety Laws

NRA protest Saturday draws more than 300 activists.

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Sidewalk Protests in Alexandria

Meet Fairfax City Council Candidates

Four incumbents, four challengers vie in May 1 election.

Commentary: The Other Branch of Government

‘Natural Shocks’ at 1st Stage in Tysons

Special reading of award-winning Lauren Gunderson’s “Natural Shocks” as part of national effort to raise awareness of gun violence.

Commentary: Returning for ‘Veto Session’

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Wilson Defeats Silberberg in Alexandria Democratic Committee Straw Poll

City’s Democrats also pick their favorites for council.

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Small Victory Against Gun Violence in Virginia

New state license plate bill calls motorists to action and “Stop Gun Violence.”

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Commentary: New Neighbor

Opinion: Editorial: Expansion of Health Care in Virginia?

After years of hoping, it’s possible Medicaid expansion will come on April 11; say a prayer.