House of Delegates-District 34: Kathleen Murphy (D)

House of Delegates-District 34: Kathleen Murphy (D)

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District 34

http://www.connecti…">Kathleen Murphy* (D)

http://www.connecti…">Craig A. Parisot (R)

District 35

Mark L. Keam* (D), no response received

District 36

http://www.connecti…">Kenneth R. "Ken" Plum* (D)

District 37

http://www.connecti…">David Bulova* (D)

http://www.connecti…">Sang Yi (R)

District 39

http://www.connecti…">Vivian Watts* (D)

District 40

http://www.connecti…">Jerry Foltz (D)

http://www.connecti…">Timothy D. Hugo* (R)

District 41

http://www.connecti…">Eileen Filler-Corn*(D)

District 42

http://www.connecti…">David Albo* (R)

Joana C. Garcia (D), no response received

District 43

http://www.connecti…">Paul J. McIlvaine (I)

http://www.connecti…">Mark Sickles* (D)

http://www.connecti…">Anna Urman (R)

District 44

http://www.connecti…">Paul Krizek (D)

District 45

Mark H. Levine (D), no response received

District 46

Andrew G. "Andy" Bakker (L), no response received

http://www.connecti…">Sean Lenehan (R)

http://www.connecti…">Charniele L. Herring* (D)

District 47

http://www.connecti…">Patrick A. Hope* (D)

Janet H. Murphy (I), no response received

District 48

http://www.connecti…">Rip Sullivan* (D)

District 49

http://www.connecti…">Alfonso Lopez* (D)

District 53

http://www.connecti…">Marcus B. Simon* (D)

District 67

http://www.connecti…">Jim LeMunyon* (R)

District 86

http://www.connecti…">Jennifer Boysko (D)

Paul R. Brubaker (I), no response received

http://www.connecti…">Danny Vargas (R)


Town of residence: McLean


Family: My husband Bill Sudow and I are parents to six children

Education: BA Graduated Magna Cum Laude from American University

Offices held, dates: Delegate, 34th District (January 2015 - Present)

Occupation and relevant experience: I am currently President of Johnson Murphy & Associates where I build legislative strategies for companies and nonprofits. I served as Associate Staff on Appropriations for Congressman Charlie Wilson and handled Defense and Foreign Affairs, served as Congressional Liaison for United States Agency for International Development, and was appointed Senior Advisor at the International Trade Administration in the US Department of Commerce.

Community involvement: I am a member of the McLean Citizens Association, the McLean Community Foundation, and serve on the fundraising board for the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation. I served on the Human Services Council for Fairfax County and on the Fairfax County Health Care Task Force. I am the Democratic Party Precinct Co-Captain for Langley precinct.


Email address:

Twitter handle: @kmurphyva

Name three favorite endorsements: Fairfax Chamber’s NOVABizPAC, Virginia Education Association, Northern Virginia Association of Realtors


What is one issue that defines your call to serve, why does it matter, and how will you tackle it?

I care about our community and felt that our priorities and values needed strong representation. I am committed to fighting for the issues important to our community including for more funding for our schools. I will be introducing a bill to reform the Local Composite Index in the next session of the House of Delegates.

What distinguishes you from your opponent(s) and why should voters choose you?

I have the experience, commitment and the ability to work in a bipartisan way to achieve consensus. I have lived here and raised kids here. I know the issues, the values, and the priorities of this community. I have worked for them for nearly 25 years. I know the legislative process and will work hard to achieve positive and productive change for our community.

Given the political makeup of the state legislature, what examples from your own experience suggests you can successfully bridge the intense partisan differences there?

I have successfully worked across party lines and my legislative record demonstrates that. This past session I cosponsored, and voted for, important legislation introduced by Republicans and Democrats and didn’t let partisanship get in the way of doing what was right for our district.

In order, list your top 5 specific legislative priorities.

  1. Reforming the funding formulas for our schools
  2. Fighting for Northern Virginia’s fair share of transportation funding
  3. Ensuring we are business friendly and help small business have access to capital
  4. Protecting our children and families from gun violence
  5. Promoting renewable energy and other innovative technologies

How has your district changed in the last 10 years? What caused those changes?

The population of Northern Virginia has increased significantly over the last 10 years. New residents are drawn, to our district specifically, by our quality of life and excellent school system. The extension of the Silver Line and the growth of the Tysons Corner business community are also contributing factors. Simply, the 34th is a great place to live and we need to work to ensure we provide the quality services are growing community deserves.

Will you support legislation restricting high interest lending including car title loans?

Yes. With more than 460 car-title loan operations in Virginia and interest rates reaching as high as 300%, this abusive high-interest lending must be addressed.

Will you support funding for Fostering Connections which would result in an influx of federal funding for foster children aging out of foster care?

Yes. I am very supportive of measures that protect and support our most vulnerable children who are aging out of foster care. Virginia has already made great strides in educational stability for children in foster care but there is more work to be done.

Do you support expansion of Medicaid under the Affordable Care Act, and if so, what would you do to make that happen?

Yes. I support Medicaid expansion because it is morally right and fiscally responsible. I will vote for expansion and I will continue to advocate for it in Richmond and in the 34th district.